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Local SEO

How businesses improve their search results on Google & Bing Maps

What is Local SEO?

In plain English

Not too dissimilar to SEO, the local aspect is focused primarily on Google Maps and other associated apps such as Bing, Apple Maps etc.

Local SEO is looked upon as an easier alternative to SEO, especially when your business focuses its trade in a specific area.  Such as a restaurant, plumber, clothes shop or other type of store or trade.

By focusing on people who are searching for your business within a certain area you can aim at the smaller difficulty and more location specific keywords.

I.e. If you lived in Auckland New Zealand and typed in plumber, Google uses local SEO to find you a plumber near you.  Rather than sourcing the best website ranking for the keyword ‘Plumber’ as this could be anywhere.  It uses its tools to locate where you are and how far away the closest ‘Plumber’ is to you as well as other factors involved.

Rank Higher, Locally

A higher local ranking can sometimes be obtained faster than trying to compete with larger companies who cover a larger area.

What are the benefits of Local SEO?

What's the point?

If you’re a business who provides a local service such as a plumber, electrician, builder or even a restaurant, cafe or shop, being at the top of local search results can help you stand out above the rest.

If you’ve ever tried looking for something close by chances are you would have used an app like Google Maps, or maybe even just your internet browser, more than likely on your phone.

Now search engines don’t just show you the closest to you unless you specify that in your search filters.  It used local SEO to find you the best options for what you’re searching for.  

If your business provides a service to local clients you NEED to focus on Local SEO.

Can Local SEO Benefit You?

Do you want your website ranking higher on Google Maps, Bing Maps and other search engines?